Hyosung at Anderson & Wall

Hyosung GD250N - £2,669
Aggressive Streetbike
From £56.60 per month
The GD250N is equipped with an all new high output four stroke single-cylinder engine with fuel injection, a six speed transmission which re...

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Hyosung GD250R - £2,999
True Sport Riding
From £62.87 per month
The GD250R features a lightweight, high performance chassis with a powerful single cylinder 4 valve DOHC liquid cooled 249cc motor. This is ...

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Hyosung GT125P - £2,499
The In-Credible Alternative
From £51.92 per month
Hyosung GT125 - the In-Credible Alternative Lightweight Naked Bike The GT125 gives you a steady ride thanks to a rigid frame and a V-Twin, ...

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Hyosung GT125R - £2,699
Incredible Lightweight Sportsbike
From £56.11 per month
The GT125R is a full sized race tuned machine with looks to match. Fully equipped with a high output DOHC 8 valve fuel injected motor, race ...

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Hyosung GT650P - £3,999
Solid All-round Performance
From £84.32 per month
The 650cc 90 degree DOHC 8 valve fuel injected motor has been taken to the extreme to ensure the ultimate rush. Blistering performance is ha...

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Hyosung GT650RC - £4,299
Complete Sport Bike Package
From £90.62 per month
The GT650R delivers solid all-round performance and handling not normally associated with such a competitive price tag. The GT650 family is ...

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Hyosung GV125C - £2,699
Style, Quality and Performance
From £56.11 per month
The smaller capacity GV Cruiser variants are unique in providing a full size Cruiser with powerful V-twin 8 valve DOHC motors that deliver a...

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Hyosung ST7 - £4,999
Big V-twin Grunt
From £105.80 per month
Timeless 'Classic Custom' styling combined with a torquey 678cc V-Twin motor providing impressive low and mid-range performance, neutral han...

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